Teen Zine Guidelines for Submission


  • You may submit poetry, fiction, non-fiction (essays, opinion, book reviews, etc.), comics, artwork and photographs.


  • All work submitted must be original; please include the following statement with each piece of work submitted: “This confirms that this work is entirely original” followed by your full name.


  • Anyone in grades seven through twelve may submit work; there will be a special section for Teen Advisory Board alumni who would like to submit work. All work submitted should be appropriate for viewing by a teen audience.


  • Editors reserve the right to limit the number of items published by one person in each issue.


  • Not all work submitted will be published; editors reserve the right to choose which pieces will be published in each issue.


  • Submissions will NOT be edited for grammar or spelling; please proofread your work before sending it in. At the discretion of the editors, minor changes may be made to the work for publication purposes.


  • Written work must be submitted by e-mail attachment or on floppy, CD, or flash drive in Microsoft Word or plain text format. Floppies, CDs and flashdrives must be clearly marked with your name and must be picked up at the library after the files have been transferred. The library is not responsible for damage or loss.


  • Guidelines are subject to change.


How to Submit Your Work:


Carefully read and follow the Guidelines for Submission. E-mail your work to: teenlibr@yahoo.com (please put “zine submission” in the subject line), or drop off a floppy, CD, or flash drive of your work at one of the following libraries: Barrett Paradise Friendly, Clymer, Pocono Mountain Public, Hughes, Smithfields Branch, or Pocono Township Branch. Please be sure to put your name on the device and mark the envelope/case “ATTN: Mary Ann Lewis.”


All submissions must include the following: NAME (first and last); AGE; GRADE; SCHOOL; TOWN; PHONE; and E-MAIL (if you have an address). Only your first name and last initial (or initials only) will be published in the zine. Please indicate if you would also like your school or town to be published.


Work will be accepted on an ongoing basis.


Updated 10/09