June 2008

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The Fountain

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The Fountain


“The Fountain” is almost everything you should leave untouched unless you plan on frying your brain out over its illusive meaning.

It draws you in with a bizarre beginning that makes you think it’s leading up to something big. Well, if you consider “big” floating around over a bubble, inside a star nebula, with a hairy tree, and a wedding ring, then you will not be disappointed.

However for the rest of us normal people the hairy tree, alone, is pushing it. Like everything, if you really want to find some deep hidden meaning behind the flying bald guy with the wedding ring in the end I am sure you can pull out something pretty cool.

Here is the gist of the entire movie “Life out of death.” How did they pull a two-hour movie out of that? Real simple, they made it make no sense. The story constantly slips back and forth between real life and a fictional story. It actually gets sort of annoying because you just want it to get to the point already.

There are actually three different strings of a story. There is the real life line, with a doctor searching for a cancer cure to save his wife from dying, the fictional line where conquistador is on top of a Mayan temple the entire time, and the creepy line where the main character is bald and he is floating in a bubble through the stars with the hairy tree.

Constantly slipping in and out between the different strings of stories it’s enough to give anyone a headache. Oh and the ending just makes the most sense.

In story line one: the doctor buries a seed.

In storyline two: the guy on the Mayan temple dies because weeds sprout out of him.

The grand finale in story line three: The bald guy actually starts flying! That was the last straw!

I am sure there was a big in depth meaning behind it all, and in a way weaving through out the movie were connections to some sort of philosophical theory. That is usually what happens when a literary book is made into a movie, it transfers badly from haunting and beautiful words to creepy visuals.

The best thing about the movie were the sets. They were beautiful and the colors were amazing. Two hours of it weren’t worth it, though.



Created By Tim Kring

Mondays and Fridays 9pm to 10pm

On NBC and Sci-fi

Season 1

If you love comic books like Spiderman, X-Men, Fantastic Four, ex. What the heck are you missing this for? Despite its rough start and disappointing stumble, first episodes out of the starting gate, “Heroes” has taken off as a smash hit.

We look back with fine memories on year one. The plot gets you going, where other shows fall short. Its full of energy and all the vim and vigor you could ask for. You want some super battles between friends, family, and fiends? This show does it all! Born from the number one hit “Lost” Heroes takes it a mile or two farther and delivers entertaining ideas along with boggling twists and satisfying face- offs.

On top of all its flashy effects and sometimes, hilarious pair ups between super powered strangers, it also answers questions before anyone has enough time to get frustrated. A living breathing comic book set in the year 2007- 2012 this story follows the unique and individual stories of ordinary people, who discover extraordinary abilities. This is a fresh new spin off X-Men only without the costumes, codenames, and helpful do-gooders, "Heroes" is packed with a bunch of people who have no idea what’s going on.

With the clever comebacks of our favorite superhero’s powers, Wolverine’s famous regeneration makes a comeback in Claire Bennet, the indestructible cheerleader from Texas. Say hello to the next generation Kitty in the phasing D.L. Hawkins as he discovers he can walk right out of jail. Angel returns (Without the wings) in the hesitant politician, Nathan Petrelli as he finds out flight isn’t all its cracked up to be. Rogue reincarnated in the politicians younger brother, Peter when he discovers that he can absorb other peoples abilities (permanently) for future use. After the first few episodes, adding into the sprawl, the Invisible Man, A painter who can Paint the future, a time stopping office worker, an illusionist, and a hazardous nuclear man… remained a “Sure, why not?”

With catchy phrases like “Save the Cheerleader, Save the World” running the first half of the season it kept you hooked. But Save the cheerleader from whom? Of course with all big stories there has got to be a corrupt manifestation (Or a bad guy). The most satisfying of all is that this guy is bad, and real bad at that, without the cheesy-comic-green-goblin, (He’s just insane) syndrome, Gabriel Grey, alias “Sylar” is one heck of an opponent! Flaunting an impressive number of powers (stolen from late benefactors, which he killed) he is menacing, smart, sharp, and dangerous, leaving off this season with the lingering question “Will he be back for more brains in season two?” Though the season finale only made fans thirsty for more, with a tear jerking sacrifice and a (we will return!) last minute, this program has everything except, Spidey.

Season 2

Rolling into season two was not quite as smooth as some of us might have wanted it to be, with strange new characters being thrown at us left and right and the lingering question “what the heck is going on?” Well in my case there was only one question on my mind. “Where is Sylar?”

Viewers were reunited with their all time favorites. Peter showed up in Ireland with a huge chunk of his memory gone, Nathan resigned from congress in utter despair of his brother’s disappearance, Claire moved from Texas to California trying to get a grip on her new life of secrecy, and Hiro Nakamura time travels to ancient Japan.

Who doesn’t love to follow around a villain as a main character for a change? Thanks to “Sylar” (now positively the most popular villain on TV) we were able to do just that. Stripped of his former powers, he meets up with a pair of twins with twin abilities. Without his powers he is forced to travel with them back to America, trying to refrain from allowing them to see his “homicidal” tendencies. In other words, he poses as a generally kind hearted, helpful, considerate, good-natured character under his old name, “Gabriel Grey.” (For however long he can keep up the act, which sometimes looks painful for him.)

Dangerous new villains are introduced. Adam Monroe, a slightly less than frightening, mentally whacked out, four hundred-year-old-loony who wanted to destroy the world with a virus that would wipe out the entire population. Then there is Maury Parkman one of the older generation of Heroes with the ability to trap you in your own mind and force you to see and do anything.

This season, our characters are nothing short of morally gray. People shooting each other left and right, zapping people, stabbing people, hitting people, kicking people, whacking people on the back of the head with bricks… I was starting to wonder if it was even possible for anyone to get a long. If Sylar is not getting punched by one of the Twins, it’s Peter throttling Hiro, It’s Adam getting shot with arrows, it’s Mr. Bennet shooting people, it’s Nathan and Matt trying to strangle each other, It’s Elle zapping the heck out of anything that moves, it’s Maya killing everyone in a eighty feet radius, it’s Niki blasting down doors to stab people with needles, it’s Claire falling out of the sky to brake her neck, It’s Sylar waving his gun around at Mohinder, it’s “Oh please, will you chickens figure out that you’re a bigger threat to each other than the virus is to anyone?”

The team-ups in this season are spectacular, they are either so funny or surreal your falling out of your seat in hysterics, or so scary you are on the edge of your seat. It’s always interesting to see the old characters meet the new.

Cut short thanks to “The WGA Writer’s Strike” Season two may not have been as well formed as season one, but Tim Kring has promised the next season, Volume III “Villains” will be everything we could ever hope for. For me, that’s means more evil lunatics, which will ensure that I am stuck to the TV without so much as breathing for a whole hour. With Sylar’s powers returned, and his killing spree (judging by the promos) more violent then ever, it seems to be just the pick up we needed! Plus Tim Kring has said that “For every Hero, there is a villain.”

With questions and theories hanging thicker than ever in the air, it’s needless to say that this next season looks darker than ever for our Heroes. If you haven’t been watching this show, you had better start!