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Unmask! Summer Reading Experience for Teens

Registration begins June 15. Click for details!


Join us at Teen Advisory Board meetings! Click here for all the info. Check the TAB page to see what was covered at the most recent meetings,too.



Vote for Your Favorite Books in the Teens' Top Ten!

Local YA Authors:

Bill Lowenburg: The Zorki Chronicles

Alissa Grosso: Popular, Ferocity Summer, and Shallow Pond.

Shallow Pond

Josh Berk
Check out these teen mystery novels by local award-winning YA author Josh Berk!
Dark DaysGuy Langman


Links for Librarians (and anyone else who wants to peek)

YA Reader's Advisory Resource Handout (updated Dec. 2012)
Originally presented at Tri-District Meeting, Easton Area PL, Nov. 13, 2009

Slide presentation with active links to resources, Nov. 13, 2009

Teen Advisory Board meetings take place once a month September through May at each of the libraries in Monroe County. New members are always welcome! Click here for all the info.

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Welcome to the Teen Page for the Associated Libraries of Monroe County. Visitors can find information about Young Adult Services for Barrett Paradise Friendly Library, Clymer Library, Eastern Monroe Public Library, Pocono Mountain Public Library, and Western Pocono Community Library.

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Guess How Many Starbursts in the Container Contest!

And the magic number is... (drumroll, please!)... 153 Starbursts in the container. Congrats to all the winners!
BPFL: Kylee H.
Clymer: Faith D.
PMPL: Karen P.
WPCL: Sam R.
Hughes: Brianna C-O.
PTL: Mackenzie G.
SMF: Briana R.
Only one person guessed the exact number; everyone else won with the closest guess.The random raffle winner of the Amazon gift card is Jarod V. from Pocono Township Branch.

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Teen Library Literary Magazine!

INKLINGS, Issue 1, June '08

INKLINGS, Issue 2, September '09

A dedicated group of Teen Advisory Board members from each of the libraries in the county publish a 'zine--a homemade online magazine featuring writing and artwork by area teens. Send us your work! If you'd like to submit your original poetry, short stories, book reviews, essays, drawings, photos, etc. to the 'zine, click here for guidelines for submission.

Check back later to see when the next Zine planning meeting will be. New members are always welcome. Click here to sign up for e-mail notices about meetings.

Celebrate the freedom to read!

Banned Books Week

To Kill a Mockingbird

To Kill a Mockingbird, by Harper Lee
Spring Challenge Reading Competition!

Congratulations to ReadioActive, our terrific public libraries team! We had seven awesome team members this year who did an admirable job at the Spring Challenge Reading Competition held at Easton Area High School on April 9. They read a lot (from a list of 45 books) to prepare for the competition and did a great job answering some very difficult questions! Congratulations also to the other Teen Advisory Board members who competed on their schools' teams--everyone should be proud of the time, effort, and enthusiasm that goes into this event!

The Associated Libraries of Monroe County team is the only team from public libraries. All the other teams are from area high schools. The competition is open to students in grades 9-12. We'll start forming our 2016 team in the fall; come to the Teen Advisory Board meetings for info on how and when to sign up.

Each team needs to be familiar with the books on the reading list--a total of 45 books! Click on the link below to see the 2016 list. The teams compete against each other in quiz show format.

Reading list for the Spring Challenge Reading Competition (High School) 2016!

Hunger Games

Click here to find out your Tribute name and how you fared in the Hunger Games.

Want more? Click here to play Trial by Fire and Tribute Trials on Scholastic's Web site.

May the odds be ever in your favor.





Book Series Help!
What comes next? Which was first? Check out this awesome database of series & sequels. Search by author, book title, series title, or subject.

Check out the terrific programs available at Monroe County Youth Employment Service!

Internet Safety
How much do you really know about Internet safety? Check out the info for teens at

Protect Kids Online is designed for parents, but is very informative for teens, too. Take a look!

Get involved in your community! Check out Youth Infusion, a great opportunity for teens!



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